In conjunction with the national Teachers Day Celebration held annually on 16th May, Koperasi Pendidikan Swasta Malaysia Berhad, also known as Private Education Cooperative of Malaysia, organized the Private Education Excellence Awards 2017 for outstanding private educators in the nation at the First City University College in Petaling Jaya (the event host).

The event was officiated by Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Yahaya Ibrahim who is the Patron of the Cooperative, and attended by Dato’ R Rajendran, Chairman of the Cooperative, Tan Sri Teo Chiang Liang, Governor of First City University College, Lee Seng Chee, Chief Operating Officer of Krista Group of Companies (event sponsor), Professor Dr Ho Chee Cheong, Vice Chancellor of First City University College, representatives from the Ministry of Education and some 250 educationists from 65 private institutions including universities.

“More often than not, the focus on recognition for private educators has not been sufficient. We must not forget that the private educators are now the biggest contributor and the driving force in the education industry in the country,” said Tan Sri Dr Yahaya Ibrahim the Patron of the Cooperative.

The cooperative’s mission is to empower its members through education and training opportunities and to enable them to enjoy welfare and financial assistance benefits besides creating investment opportunities for good returns. Its membership is open to teachers, lecturers, employees of education institutions, owners of institutions, students above 18 years of age, parents and all stakeholders in the private education industry.

“We are always touched by the overwhelming response towards some of the events carried out so far.  For this ceremony for example, we received 216 nominations from 65 private educational institutions of all levels from preschool to university categories; the judging committee for this National Outstanding Educators Awards decided to recognize 17 of them today representing diverse education fields in the nation,” said Dato R. Rajendran.

Outstanding teachers and educators from preschool to university levels were recognized under the categories of teaching, science, arts and design, engineering, research and innovation, and humanities.

Dato' R. Rajendran presenting award to P Sailanathan
Dato’ R. Rajendran presenting award to P Sailanathan
Dato' R. Rajendran presenting award to Prof. Dato’ Dr. Rahmah Binti Mohamed
Dato’ R. Rajendran presenting award to Prof. Dato’ Dr. Rahmah Binti Mohamed

Among the distinguished private educators honoured were:

  • (Management & Information Systems) – Dr Ooi Keng-Boon (UCSI University)
  • (Management) – Dr Maniam Kaliannan (Nottingham University Malaysia)
  • (Skills Education) – P Sailanathan (Megatech)
  • (Private School Category) – Dato Freida Pilus (Cempaka International Schools)
  • (Psychology) – Dr Alvin Ng Lai Oon (Sunway University)
  • (Chemical Engineering) – Prof. Dr Beng Ti TEY (Monash University Malaysia)
  • (Engineering & Science) – Prof Ir Dr Lim Yun Seng (Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman)
  • (Electronics Engineering) – Prof. Ir. Dr. Wong Hin Yong (Multimedia University)
  • (Research Commercialization) – Prof. Dato’ Dr. Rahmah Binti Mohamed (Inti International University)
  • (Biomedical) – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Nazil Salleh (University of Selangor)